My Husband Wants to Buy a Condo Garage. What’s in It for Me?

My Husband Wants to Buy a Condo Garage. What’s in It for Me?

Hi ladies! This is Stacy.  I was as skeptical as you probably are about the whole condo garage idea. When my husband, Larry first brought it up years ago, my thought was, Why do we need to purchase even MORE space for YOUR toys?

But now that it’s been a few years, I can honestly say that buying our condo garage was totally the right move, and I’m looking forward to spending even more time at our space at Rosemount Condo Garages once its built. Here’s why.

1. I Can Park in the Garage Again

The immediate benefit I enjoyed by purchasing a condo garage is that I can finally park in the garage again! Before the condo garage, our home’s garage housed everything but our daily drivers. Now, the project car, the motorcycle, and all of Larry’s tools and equipment are at the condo garage. He has more space to work on his hobby, and I have my garage space back.

2. I Don’t Want to Live in a Huge Home that Requires Huge Maintenance (aka My Time)

Before the condo garage, Larry and I considered moving to a larger home that had more space for his hobbies, which were encroaching on our living space. During our short-lived property search, we found that it was much more affordable and efficient for us to own a condo garage and opt for a smaller, low maintenance home that better suited our lifestyle.      

I’ve heard others say their condo garage has helped them make smarter housing choices as well.  With the husbands’ collections out of the house, it was easier to downsize and upgrade into homes that better suited their space needs and daily life. 

3. I Can Host without Cleaning the House

Who wants to clean their house before and after hosting family and friends?  Or worry about having enough space to accommodate everyone?  At the condo garage, I can host gatherings in our unit and utilize the Community Clubhouse. It’s been a great resource for graduation parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and even holiday celebrations. Since the clubhouse has a full kitchen and plenty of seating, I never worry that my guests are uncomfortable or going hungry.

4. I’ve Met New Friends

Moving my husband’s collection and hobbies to a condo garage has given us both the opportunity to make new friends who enjoy the same things we do. There is truly a sense of community being a part of a unique association of individuals.   Without the condo garage, I would have missed connecting with this group.

5. It Has Reduced My Stress

Some people may call it collecting, others may call it hoarding, but the fact is his stuff was slowly taking over our home and was a point of contention.  Now when I see Larry enjoying his hobbies at the condo garage, I can sit back, relax and not stress out about it.  I personally enjoy spending time at the condo garage watching movies, listening to music and reading books.  It’s like a mini vacation when I just want a change of scenery or need to get out of the house.

If your husband’s been talking to you about purchasing a condo garage, I encourage you to hear him out. Our condo garage has truly been a benefit to both of us in many different ways.  If you’ve got questions about the units at the new Rosemount Condo Garage development, contact us at (651) 338-8785 or email

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